5 Reasons Schools are Switching to WordPress

WordPress is used by more than 25% of the entire internet and is quickly becoming the standard engine for all levels of education. Not only is WordPress used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers, libraries, businesses, public and private school systems and towns, it is also used by universities such Harvard, Oregon State, Cornell, Wheaton College, MIT, Duke, and hundreds more. WordPress is not just another content management system, it is the future of communication for all levels of education.

#1.  Wordpress is Simple

WordPress, which powers Stackr, makes managing and delivering information easier than ever.  Unlike many web design tools, WordPress has an interface simple enough to be used by teachers and administrators, regardless of their level of computer knowledge. Rather than relying upon a web developer to accomplish content updates, WordPress allows public schools, private schools and higher ed teachers and administrators to publish content on their own, saving time, money and frustration. 

#2. WordPress is Powerful

Though WordPress has an incredibly simple interface, it is also incredibly powerful. WordPress allows professional web developers, such as Stirling, to build a customized website for your school, which can then be managed and updated by your staff. In addition to customization, WordPress is powerful due to its ability to scale in size. Whether Stirling Brandworks is developing a website for your private school of 100 students, or for your university of 30,000, WordPress is the perfect tool.

#3. WordPress Works Everywhere

According to Pew Research Center more than 68% of Americans are using smartphones and more than 45% are using tablet computers, numbers which are even greater among students, teachers and parents. Therefore, the ability for your school or university’s website to respond to the platform in use is absolutely critical. WordPress is designed for use on any platform, allowing Stirling to give your school a seamless experience across all platforms.

#4. Wordpress is always improving. 

Technology is ever-changing; new features quickly turn from futuristic fantasies to the expectation, the need for security ever growing, and the ability to scale with your school is critical. WordPress, unlike just about any other platform, is updated 3-4 times a year, free of charge. Such updates bring about new features, security patches, and browser optimization. Just recently WordPress released an update, free of charge, giving Android users a simplified and accessible user interface. By allowing Stirling to develop your school’s website with WordPress, you will be given a website that never stagnates.

#5.Wordpress is Inexpensive

Due to the open nature, simple development and constant optimization, WordPress is a very inexpensive solution for creating professional and beautiful websites.