How to Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media, in our modern world, is absolutely critical for businesses and schools. While some are masters of social media, others struggle with what to post and how to post it. Stirling Brandworks specializes in both creating social media content and presenting it to your school in an accessible way through Stack

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are 4 of the most popular applications in the world today. Finding a student without one, or all four, of these applications is nearly impossible. Therefore, it only makes sense for schools to use said applications to reach out to their students, parents and teachers as a method of both keeping up with the times, and utilizing the benefits they may provide a school. In order to do so, challenges must first be overcome.

Developing a social media policy for your public or private school

One of the greatest challenges faced by schools, public or private, is how to begin the approach to social media. Social media is an interesting landscape in which teenagers and adults alike post from the bottom of their hearts, oftentimes publicly, and sometimes without regard for the real life implications it may have. Therefore, it is imperative that all schools system develop a policy around social media. Such a policy should lay out what content will be shared, what interactions are considered appropriate, and an extension of the school’s ethics policy to cover social media.

How to begin utilizing social media as a tool

Utilizing social media relies upon much of what is decided upon in the social media policy. No matter the policy, the most important aspect of a successful social media presence is delivering content in a manner that isn’t currently available. Thus, the first step in building a social media presence is in finding areas of information currently lacking. Let’s use Alumni and Athletic updates as an example. Alumni love keeping tabs on their high school, especially former athletes. Facebook, the primary social media platform used by adults, allows you to quickly post results of a game. Alumni thus will constantly be updated on the current condition of the school’s facilities, their former team’s status, and other changes at the school. What better way to induce donations than continued contact?

How to effectively and appropriately engage your student body.

Depending on the level of interaction decided upon in the policy, content can include anything from simple weekly announcements to directly mentioning students accomplishments in athletics or scholarly activities. A grey line exists today between professionalism and relevance. Companies such as Taco Bell post comedic content and joke around with their customers on Twitter, while other companies simply choose to stick with simple announcements. Many schools struggle to engage their students in the classroom, but social media allows the opportunity to engage students in a more comfortable setting.