Modern Mobility : the Stackr Difference

Whether a superintendent or a teacher, president of a university or a professor, there is always work to be done.

Closure! 3m ago

School is cancelled due to inclement weather!

WordPress makes it easier.

Imagine yourself, a superintendent, sitting at home awaiting what could be a vicious nor’easter or simply a light dusting of snow. Calling off school for a light dusting is simply a wasted school day, while failing to communicate a snow day could result in even further consequences. Utilizing the power Stackr provides public and private schools, you are able to make the final decision, and within seconds communicate to every student, parent and teacher whether or not school has been cancelled.

Sounds cool right? Well with Stackr, powered by WordPress, that’s just the beginning!

In addition to sending push notifications, WordPress allows public and private school administrators to update content, add events, write posts, and much more, all while watching your school’s baseball team win the championship. With the combination of Stackr and WordPress, your growth capabilities are endless.