Universities Utilizing the Magic of WordPress

WordPress has long been known as an amazing platform for building many types of websites and blogs, but only in the last 5 years have universities shown its true power.

With time, comes progress, with progress WordPress is morphing into the ultimate platform for web development and management for major universities. This success can be attributed to many factors, but the simplicity, scalability and reliability of WordPress  are what make WordPress stand above the rest.

WordPress is simple. So simple, in fact, that even the professor still making powerpoint presentations in edit view can make a post on WordPress. With only a few clicks, any user can create content to update the website. While other web services require paying a developer to manually write code any time an update is desired, WordPress allows you to do it for free.

Universities, while needing simplicity, are massive centers of data. Therefore it is necessary to have an interface which is not only simple, but also scalable to mass amounts of data displayed across hundreds of pages. WordPress conquers this challenge with an array of simple page management and editing tools. Bates University showcases the capability of WordPress to create a beautiful website while displaying data on a massive scale.

Finally, universities are utilizing the absolute reliability of WordPress as a platform. WordPress relies upon a host of your choice, such as WP-Engine or even your own local servers. What this means is that you have absolute control over the reliability of your website because you are given the choice to choose reliability over price. Many web development platforms are limited to the hosting services they provide, meaning you may be stuck paying for for more service than you are receiving. In the case of WordPress, you are able to chose from thousands of hosting options ranging from fairly reliable and cheap, to perfect reliability at a bit higher price.
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