Boston Globe: Stackr for Danvers Public Schools

The Stackr team was elated to discover Christina Bagni’s article, “Danvers app provides school information on the go” in the Boston Globe on July 10th.

In the article, Bagni highlights key Stackr features such as the powerful integration of numerous information resources, the simple presentation of said information, and the ability to access all of Stackr’s wonderful features from all platforms. Thanks to its incredible flexibility, updatability and simplicity, Stackr’s platform is laying the groundwork for Danvers digital future.

Danvers - Boston Globe

Here is a transcript: 

” The Danvers public schools? There’s an app for that.

Developed by Stirling Brandworks of Winchester, the new app allows users to pay for school lunches, keep an eye on grades, and register bus passes, among other helpful features. As part of a wider plan to increase communication that included redesigning its website, the school system conducted a soft rollout of the app -which cost $9,950 to develop – last month. It is currently available for free download on Apple and Android devices.

“We’re still getting the word out, through meetings and our June newsletter,” said Danvers School Superintendent Lisa Dana. “We want to make sure it’s ready for the community in September.” Dana said that the app is designed primarily for use by parents, but there are features for students too, such as the calendar and notification system. The larger community could benefit from the app as well, she said, as it is an easy way to see all school information in one place.

The app also includes a feature to send anonymous tips to Danvers police. If we’re retweeting about the play, or a science fair, you can see that” on the app, said Dana. “The first piece is up-to-date information for parents, right there for them, sorted by school.” As the app gains popularity, users can employ its feedback feature to flag problems or suggest additions. Dana said that such input will help the app develop further. “We don’t want [people] to have to search for information, and that’s why we went with the app,” said Dana. “We’re using current technology to meet the needs of families to have up-to-date info wherever they are.

-Christina Bagni

Boston Globe”