3 Innovative Ways to Make a Mobile App Work for Your School District

Have you been considering a mobile app for your school district to connect with parents, students and the community? If so, we’re sure you’ve seen the standard offerings that just about any educational-targeted app offers.



Does your community, police department or district already have a tipline in place? Great! An app is a terrific place to provide easy access to this. Many tips are related to possible violence, bullying or drug activity. Having a quick outlet for community members to post tips about local problems is an effective way to find solutions. Whether your tipline is powered by text message, phone call, email or anything else, a custom app can integrate whatever it is. Don’t have a tipline already in place? An app is a great place to start one then! Add an anonymous form to the app that allows anyone to add relevant details and even upload images and share a location and receive these tips via email. The possibilities are endless!


Unified Timeline

Everyone is familiar with the usefulness of timelines – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… we’ve all used at least one! What if you had the ability to combine all the content you push out on social media along with news and events into one, unified timeline? This instantly gives the community a snapshot of the latest happenings at your school(s) with just a few flicks of their thumb. Keep external links in your app so it’s one smooth experience from end-to-end and you’ll have people returning to your app all the time!


G Suite Integration

Are you one of the many districts currently using G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Education) to manage staff, email, calendars, files and more? Google offers a wealth of dedicated APIs that allow app developers to access this information and display it on mobile devices. Automatically pull in your school’s calendars with no changes to your current workflow. Your staff directory can be pulled right from a G Suite organization (with direct links to email!). Want to keep a Drive folder that allows access to various PDFs and documents right from a mobile app? You bet! Depending on how much your institution is doing with G Suite now, there are many options that can be brought into the app without creating any more steps for your staff.

These are a few unexpected ways you can make a custom mobile app work for you. Many prepackaged apps are limited in their integrations and possibilities, which is why STACKR builds custom mobile apps designed specifically for education. If you’re interested in learning more about what a STACKR app could do for your district, get in touch today!