Play Wheel of Fortune with Stackr at M.A.S.S Executive Institute!

This year at M.A.S.S Executive Institute, we will be hosting a game of Wheel of Fortune! If you’re attending the event, make sure to stop by our booth to play.

The Rules

Everyone gets to play once each day of the conference. You have three spins on the wheel. Some sections of the wheel will earn you tickets that increase your chance of being drawn for a prize. But watch out, because other sections don’t earn you any tickets at all, or could cost you all the tickets you’ve earned so far! When the three spins are over, you’ll put your name on the tickets and give them to us.

At the end of each day we’ll be drawing for prizes. Read on to find out what you could win if you play.

The Prizes

When you play, you enter for the chance to win a bluetooth speaker, a polaroid camera, or even tickets to a Red Sox game!

There’s also a chance that you could win a free social media boot camp this fall. Good luck!