10 Resources for You to Use in the Classroom, on Social Media and Within Your Lesson Plans

The web and social media can be a great tool for teaching students of all ages, but it’s at its best when you have great content to share on it. Here are several resources that teachers can use to enhance their lessons and encourage learning both inside and outside the classroom.


  • Khan Academy empowers learners of all ages, including K-12, to learn at their own pace outside the classroom using interactive online lessons. It also offers tools for teachers to create their own lessons for students and keep track of their progress and growth.
  • Educreations is a platform connecting students to teachers around the world using technology. Teachers create video lessons using their ipads, which students can access and replay as many times as they need to.
  • Crash Course is an educational YouTube channel filled with fun and engaging videos about a variety of topics, from world history to philosophy to physics.

Math, Science, and STEM

  • Run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT-K12 creates web series and workshops that teach STEM topics for students in primary and secondary school.
  • Math-Aids is a collection of free math worksheet generators for teachers to use in their lessons. The worksheets come in several languages and can be customized to the teacher’s specifications.
  • NASA for Educators has resources for educators for all grades teaching about science and astronomy, compiled by NASA. It includes articles, activities, opportunities and other resources to help teach kids about outer space.
  • TeachEngineering is a digital library of K-12 lesson plans to help teach students about engineering and applied math and science. Its curricula are contributed by over 50 volunteer organizations, all of it is standards-based, and best of all it is completely free.


  • Ben’s Guide to the US Government, created by the official Government Publishing Office of the United States, is a collection of kid-friendly articles about how the US government works.
  • Bartleby is an online catalog of fiction, non-fiction, and reference texts available to anyone free of charge, giving you access to classic texts without needing to buy physical copies.
  • World Atlas is a treasure trove of information about geography, with information on every country in the world and sections on maps, populations, politics, flags, and more.
  • 50states has statistics on all 50 states in the USA, include population, land area, major industries, and even fun facts. Did you know that the United States city with the highest rate of lightning strikes per capita is Clearwater, Florida?