What is Stackr?

Bred from years of experience working in education, Stackr is a technology platform that combines a powerful website and a cross-platform mobile app for schools. While both products can be used separately, Stackr works best when the two form an ecosystem, enabling a fully connected experience for parents, students, teachers and staff..

Stackr products are bespoke and are custom tailored for every project. We aren’t selling website templates – ours are custom designed. Need custom features in your app? We’ll build them for you. We understand that every organization is different and so Stackr is built to accommodate those needs.


Who's Stackr for?

We work with a wide array of educational institutions of all different shapes, sizes and makeups. Stackr can be custom tailored to meet the needs of any size district or school.
Stackr for schoools

Public School Districts

Stackr for schoools


Stackr for schoools

Private & Charter Schools

Why use Stackr?

Connect with students, parents, teachers, administrators and faculty like never before. Stackr gives you one integrated platform that aggregates school and district information for your end users. We've taken it even a step further by making content creation and management across platforms easier than ever before.
  • Custom modern solution for your schools
  • Easy to self-manage and edit
  • Optimize for your modern users and students
  • Make your school accessible across all devices
  • Provide update-to-date and immediate information
  • & so much more!

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