Stackr at MASS EI 2018

Thank You for Visiting Us at Mass EI 2018!

We had a great time at Mass EI this year and hope you did too! From the breakout sessions to #ifoundpaul, there was never a dull moment for our Stackr Team! You probably heard our very own Alexa Lucci present the updated M.A.S.S. website before the keynote speaker on Thursday. Many of you stopped by our booth […]

Newsletters are a Thing of the Past – Start Blogging!

When schools transition to sharing news and announcements online, many of them decide to use a digital email newsletter. At first glance it makes sense, especially if their school already has a print newsletter. Everyone else is doing it so it must be a good idea, right? But the truth is that the heyday of […]

Mega Menus in School Websites

5 School Web Design Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Public and private school websites are catching up with the modern web and are starting to adopt some of the design elements from some of the most popular web designs. Increasingly, a focus has to be placed on marketing and branding on the web, something hardly considered in the past for many schools and districts. […]

Boston Globe: Stackr for Danvers Public Schools

The Stackr team was elated to discover Christina Bagni’s article, “Danvers app provides school information on the go” in the Boston Globe on July 10th. In the article, Bagni highlights key Stackr features such as the powerful integration of numerous information resources, the simple presentation of said information, and the ability to access all of Stackr’s wonderful […]

How to Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media, in our modern world, is absolutely critical for businesses and schools. While some are masters of social media, others struggle with what to post and how to post it. Stirling Brandworks specializes in both creating social media content and presenting it to your school in an accessible way through Stack Facebook, Twitter, Instagram […]

Modern Mobility : the Stackr Difference

Whether a superintendent or a teacher, president of a university or a professor, there is always work to be done. Closure! 3m ago School is cancelled due to inclement weather! WordPress makes it easier. Imagine yourself, a superintendent, sitting at home awaiting what could be a vicious nor’easter or simply a light dusting of snow. […]

SALEM NEWS: Now There’s an App for Danvers Schools

BY ETHAN FORMAN STAFF WRITER Jun 7, 2016 DANVERS — Forget to give your kids lunch money today? No problem — an app for Danvers Public Schools allows parents to pay for their kids’ lunch online, and do a host of other things, all from their smartphones. Thanks to Stirling Brandworks, a Winchester web marketing firm, […]