Photobooth Fun at the MASS Executive Institute!

Our photobooth setup was a hit at the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents (MASS) Executive Institute! Many superintendents and vendors had a blast taking photos between sessions. The fun props and poses made for a great keepsake to put in their office. We saw some new and familiar faces at the conference and are looking […]

Play Wheel of Fortune with Stackr at M.A.S.S Executive Institute!

This year at M.A.S.S Executive Institute, we will be hosting a game of Wheel of Fortune! If you’re attending the event, make sure to stop by our booth to play. The Rules Everyone gets to play once each day of the conference. You have three spins on the wheel. Some sections of the wheel will earn you […]

Discovery Phase: Swampscott Public Schools

While developing and designing a new website, it is extremely important to first understand the wants and needs of those who frequently use the sites. Through the Discovery Phase, this is accomplished. Over the course of two months, we conducted a discovery phase that consisted of an online survey, interviews, and multiple focus groups. We […]

3 Innovative Ways to Make a Mobile App Work for Your School District

Have you been considering a mobile app for your school district to connect with parents, students and the community? If so, we’re sure you’ve seen the standard offerings that just about any educational-targeted app offers. Tipline Does your community, police department or district already have a tipline in place? Great! An app is a terrific […]

Stackr | M.A.S.S. Executive Institute

Amidst returning to the Stirling offices, the Stackr team shares one common M.A.S.S Executive Institute take away:  Emojis + A Putt Putt-FitBit Raffle = Smiling Superintendents. 💡  🙂  😀   💡  🙂  😀  Last week’s event presented an amazing opportunity for the team to meet Massachusetts’s finest school superintendents. Upon arrival we ran into old friends, […]

Universities Utilizing the Magic of WordPress

WordPress has long been known as an amazing platform for building many types of websites and blogs, but only in the last 5 years have universities shown its true power. With time, comes progress, with progress WordPress is morphing into the ultimate platform for web development and management for major universities. This success can be attributed […]

5 Reasons Schools are Switching to WordPress

WordPress is used by more than 25% of the entire internet and is quickly becoming the standard engine for all levels of education. Not only is WordPress used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers, libraries, businesses, public and private school systems and towns, it is also used by universities such Harvard, Oregon State, Cornell, Wheaton […]