Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents

Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents

After surveying the M.A.S.S. members, STACKR gathered the data necessary to redesign and build a website to serve the core user base. Being busy superintendents, up to date information needs to be quickly accessible and easy to find. The new website features “News & Updates” above the fold as well as a filterable event calendar […]

America East Academic Consortium

Established in June 2014, the America East Academic Consortium (AEAC) is a voluntary academic partnership of the nine universities that comprise the America East Conference. The AEAC seeks to leverage the distinctive academic strengths of America East universities to encourage and support inter-institutional academic and administrative collaboration. Prior to our project, AEAC did not have […]

Tewksbury Public Schools

Tewksbury Public Schools turned to Stackr to have their website future-proofed. They were frustrated with their old site not being compatible with mobile, and wanted to make sure that the new design was responsive, flexible, and modern. The Stackr platform allows their new site to work on any mobile device, and makes the back end […]

Weston Public Schools

With this redesign, Weston Public Schools wanted their new sites to answer the question, “What makes Weston’s community and its school system great?” Their main focus was to connect with parents and the community at large in the form of a discovery, user interviews and an online survey. Common requests were ways to make finding […]

Swampscott Public Schools

Using surveys and focus groups, Stackr gathered data on what the students, parents, and faculty who use Swampscott’s websites want and need. We discovered that all three of the website’s main audiences were struggling to find the information they were looking for due to a lack of organization. The new site’s menus are designed with […]

Northshore Education Consortium

Working with a consortium is markedly different than working with a large district. The Stackr team was more than prepared to handle the task given their prior experience and customer-focused approach. Northshore Education Consortium works with mentally and physically challenged students to provide them with a top-tier education custom tailored to the different ways in […]

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Danvers Public Schools

The public school district of Danvers, Massachusetts, led by Superintendent Dr. Lisa Dana, has always placed a strong focus on technology throughout the district and understood the need for fully integrated systems. In the classroom, DPS pioneered an ambitious 1-to-1 tablet program for the students and wanted to bring the same types of technological advancements […]

Triton Regional Schools

Being a smaller, very student-focused district in northern Massachusetts, TRSD came to us with special needs, especially when it came to design and functionality of the Stackr website platform. Having witnessed the transformation of Danvers and heard positive reviews from them, they knew Stackr would be a good choice for their district. As a regional […]

Malden Public Schools

A close suburb to Boston, Malden, Massachusetts is a large city with many residents and therefore many special interests, one being a school system that brings value to the community. The mayor and the superintendent work closely together to ensure that the school district runs in sync with the city’s goals. The Stackr team worked […]