Collaborative Effort. Collective Impact.

Bringing together students, faculty and staff from across the America East Conference

Established in June 2014, the America East Academic Consortium (AEAC) is a voluntary academic partnership of the nine universities that comprise the America East Conference. The AEAC seeks to leverage the distinctive academic strengths of America East universities to encourage and support inter-institutional academic and administrative collaboration. Prior to our project, AEAC did not have a live website. They came to us to help them become more known with a strong online presence.

The AEAC’s website features a simple, organized and mobile-responsive new design. Designed to reflect the consortium’s visual identity, provide useful information about programs and activities, and showcase the academic strength of America East member institutions, the website is one of the most visible ways the AEAC is preparing for the next phase of its operations.

We were able to create custom page templates for each of the 9 universities to have their own school profile on the site with a gallery, points of pride, quick facts, and so much more! These pages really brought out the personality of the AEAC’s community!

Using the powerful WordPress content management system, the AEAC now has the capability to manage their site with more ease and flexibility than ever before. They’re incredibly happy with the ability and control to manage their website without needing to know any technical code.

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Features of Website
Stackr Event Calendar

Event Calendar

Users are able to create and manage events for people to attend
Stackr Custom Page Templates

Custom Page Templates

Each university has a custom page template to feature their specific school.
Stackr Leader Profiles

Leader Profiles

Members of the leadership team have headshots that link into their own personal bio pages.