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The public school district of Danvers, Massachusetts, led by Superintendent Dr. Lisa Dana, has always placed a strong focus on technology throughout the district and understood the need for fully integrated systems. In the classroom, DPS pioneered an ambitious 1-to-1 tablet program for the students and wanted to bring the same types of technological advancements to outside the classroom.

The technology behind the Stackr platform powers Danvers multi-site website network which is managed by 30+ administrators and even more editors. Compared with their old website, which required a part-time volunteer to be the single point for all changes and updates, it offers unparalleled flexibility and control, affording each school and the district a website that is not only powerful and easy on the eyes but also extremely current. Access to the website is powered by Google Apps integration that allows a single point of administration for website user authentication. By using some of the powerful features built into the platform, Danvers was also able to cut costs by moving away from some vendors and by doing away with paper forms in favor of online registrations, permission slips and more.

To complement the website and provide a complete ecosystem, DPS decided to add the Stackr app to their offerings as a free resource for students and parents to more easily connect with the district and the schools within. The app integrates directly with the website and social channels, providing a relevant and up-to-date informational experience with no additional staff overhead. One of the cornerstone features is a robust events calendar that pulls directly from the district’s various calendar threads and allows app users to sort events by which threads are most relevant to them (and save these choices!). The app also provides access to the school staff directory, Powerschool Mobile and Powerschool online, and lunch payments.

Danvers Public Schools continues to be interested in adding additional features to the website and app platforms to further improve their offerings for the district. The Stackr team also provides ongoing support for district administrators to make sure that everyone is always up to speed on how things work and are available to provide any training or explanation.

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Simple, Powerful, Sleek and Helpful. Danvers Public Schools' website represents a fresh and modern take on web design, breaking barriers formerly known to school systems.

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