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Using surveys and focus groups, Stackr gathered data on what the students, parents, and faculty who use Swampscott’s websites want and need. We discovered that all three of the website’s main audiences were struggling to find the information they were looking for due to a lack of organization. The new site’s menus are designed with a strong hierarchy, split up by audience and function, to help users find what they need fast. We made sure that the features which people use the most often, like the calendar and teacher’s websites, are easily accessible in as few clicks as possible. Also, by implementing the Stackr platform, we made the site easy to edit and much less of a hassle for administrators to keep up to date.


Download Swampscott’s discovery phase report to see what the community wanted in a new site!

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Before & After

Features of Website
Stackr Teacher Websites

Teacher Websites

Templates for each teacher to manage their own website for classroom updates
Stackr Simplified Navigation

Simplified Navigation

Our Principle: Find what you’re looking for in 3 clicks or less.
Stackr Social Media Feeds

Social Media Feeds

Stay up-to-date right on the homepage with live feeds from Twitter, and direct links to Facebook and YouTube