Making communication and accessibly a priority

By leveraging clean markup, W3C standardized aria tags, and skip links for assistive technologies.

With this redesign, Weston Public Schools wanted their new sites to answer the question, “What makes Weston’s community and its school system great?” Their main focus was to connect with parents and the community at large in the form of a discovery, user interviews and an online survey. Common requests were ways to make finding information faster, streamlining the content and navigation and providing a greater sense of the school’s culture. Our team overhauled the visual design, cutting down on unnecessary text and letting the useful information stand out, and developed a new navigational hierarchy to improve the flow and ease of use. Additional functionality such as dynamic interactive calendar system and social media feeds keeps users engaged and gives them a reason to return to the site repeatedly. A simple communication platform integrated into the site allows for users to subscribe to updates via email and text.

With accessibility in mind the new website also takes advantage of W3C standardized aria tags throughout to properly classify content and make it accessible to assistive equipment, and we follow modern-day web development standards when implementing these. We also took advantage of skip links to make navigating the website easier for assistive technologies.

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Before & After

Features of Website
Stackr Robust Calendar

Robust Calendar

With Google calendar integration parents and students have the ability to filter and subscribe by school to stay informed about upcoming events.
Stackr Responsive Design

Responsive Design

View the website seamlessly on any size device with no troubles.
Stackr Automatic Newsletter Subscriptions

Automatic Newsletter Subscriptions

Option to subscribe to daily, weekly or emergency updates via email.