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The Stackr multisite network is built on top of the world’s leading content management system, WordPress. Because it powers over 25% of the internet and has a vast user base, making your sites as powerful as ever is just a few clicks away. Stackr implements a core framework, custom theme design and a base of custom created plugins, while your IT professionals or website administrators will have the ability to choose from thousands of plugins available for free on the plugin repository for just about any use case that might arise. Plus, you’ll have access to regular security updates and new features with every new release of WordPress, for free!

Custom Design

With Stackr, unlike our competitors, you don’t choose a template and a color scheme. We build you a custom design on top of our framework, custom tailored to your content needs

Many Sites, One Network

Stackr takes advantage of mulitsite networks to offer the utmost flexibility. A multisite network allows you to create tens (or hundreds!) of sites that all share the same database, file system and users. To the average visitor or editor, it appears as several, distinct sites that share a common design language. However, under the hood, the sites are powered using the same theme, can easily share data between each other and can share users, files and more. Each school in a district will have their own site. Feel like letting teachers create their own sites on the network? No problem!

Content Management Made Easy

Every detail of website administration is made simple. Content is organized into simple, discrete content types like Posts and Pages making it easy for editors and administrators to find where to create and modify content. The editor implements a slick WYSIWYG editor that has all the tools one would expect to find in a word processor.

Advanced Permissions and Roles

Making sure users only have access to the content they need to (or should!) is an important aspect of content management. Because of the vast size of some of these website networks, Stack implements an advanced permission system to manage content management on network and site levels.

Google Apps Integration

Does your school or district take advantage of Google Apps for Education to power email, drive, calendars and much more? Well, then you’ll love the Google authentication for the website! Website users can log in to their website accounts using the Google information so no more passwords to remember, and the authentication is securely handled by the powerful oAuth2 protocol. Take it a step further and allow your users to browse their Google Drive files without ever leaving the website admin.

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